2022 MV Agusta F3 Rosso - Ago Red

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MV Agusta F3 

The story

The Mv Agusta F3, introduced in 2012 as the first of the 3-cylinder engines from the iconic Italian marque. A signature model inspired by the firmly established F4

2014 introduced the 798cc F3, the first mid-size Super sport featuring a counter-rotating crankshaft, of which we now see as the euro 5 version dominating the super sport class as an exclusive, exotic return of MV Agusta’s racing-legacy 3-cylinder engine in a production bike.

The signature 3-exit exhaust, now a diamond exit port, and the mean looking headlight tell a story of speed and passion in the unmistakable MV Agusta style. This street-legal super sport, with a 1.380 mm wheelbase for a total weight of 173kg sets the standard for the category. There are 3 F3 models in the range, including the RC limited series.

The F3 Rosso is the newest member of the ROSSO line. The all-in-one fairing, clip-on handlebars, and undeniable MV Agusta character, in a more accessible package. The new 2021 F3 adds that extra something to the ROSSO range. The ultimate in MV Agusta sports attitude has never been so accessible.

the F3 doesn’t relinquish even a touch of the power that the famous “three-piston” engine complete with counter-rotating crankshaft is able to supply. The engine has undergone constant development work.

With maximum declared power of 147 HP, the MV Agusta three-cylinder is still one of the most powerful in the category.

The Quick-Shift EAS 3.0 with bi-directional function is now in its third generation and improves the quality of shifting, now softer and more precise thanks to the introduction of a new sensor.

From the dashboard to the ABS, by way of the ECU commands and firmware, the electronics on the F3 ROSSO have really taken a step up.

The new IMU inertial platform, designed and developed in Italy by Milan firm e-Novia exclusively for MV Agusta, recognizes the position of the bike, for swift management of all controls based on the lean angle.

The IMU also means that the updated FLC (front lift control) can manage a controlled wheelie rather than prevent it altogether. All this is controlled via a connected 5.5” TFT display that can communicate with the MV Ride App.

Now for 2021 and beyond MV Agusta continue to develop and design the most beautiful and exotic motorcycle in their class.