SOLD - Morgan 3 Wheeler - Morgan Sport Red with unique features

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Model: Morgan 3 Wheeler

Year: 2012

Mileage: 15,000 Miles

Colour: Morgan Sport Red

In our never ending quest to locate and supply the rarest, most interesting and very best Morgans we come across really special cars like this. This three wheeler was owned by a member of the production team at the Malvern factory so you can be assured special attention was paid while she was being built. Every person involved in the build has signed the chassis making this a very very special car indeed the signatures go right to the top even including Mr Steve Morris himself. The condition of this 3 wheeler is outstanding and has had all early chassis and engineering mods carried out. There are three wheelers and then there are Krazy horse sourced & prepared 3 wheelers.


Black Yarwood Brooklands Leather Interior

Body Colored Mudguards

Body Colored Fan Cowl

Stainless Steel Polished Nose Cone

Silver Painted Roll Over Hoops

Two Eared Spinners

MOG RAF Rear Decal

Shark Spitfire Decals

Vintage Catches

Brooklands Steering Wheel

S&S High Flow Muscle Air Filter

JAP Racing Engine Cover Set

Black Out LED Headlights

Titanium Wrapped Exhaust Headers

Black Painted Dash


Stainless Polished Exhaust Heat Shields

Exposed Rivets To Body.