SOLD - Morgan 2.0 Plus 4 - Red Bull Navy Matt

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So, the time has come. Sadly, the last traditional chassis we have in stock is for sale. Sure, it’s going to be an icon in years to come and possibly even an investment, but why buy it as investment? This is about the drive and the organic feel these cars are renowned for. The spec is contemporary, why make the last car the same as lots of others? For years to come she will be recognised as the last KH traditional chassis. Why not be the first custodian of this historic piece of automotive history.

The experience this car offers is unequivocally unrivalled by any other new car available today. Bold statement? What other new car can offer a combination of suspension patented 110 years ago, drum brakes, leaf springs and grease nipples. Couple that with the strong 4-cylinder Ford engine, a slick new 5 speed gearbox, and a chirpy sports exhaust you have a vintage car experience with no jeopardy. A perfect combination for miles and miles of fun, adventures and memories


Morgan 2.0 Plus 4, Red Bull Navy Matt Paint, Gloss Black Alloy Wheels X5, Brake Reaction Bars Fitted, Black Pack, Babydoll Front Valance, Sun Visors, Elasticated Door Pockets, Black Carpet, Black Yarwood Brooklands Leather, Black Stitching, Performance Seats, Heated Seats, Painted Body Coloured Dash, Dash Clock Fitted,  Footwell Lighting, Speakers And Aerial Fitted, Chassis Rail Covers Fitted, Polished Stainless Steel Mesh Grill, Black Stone Guard, Union Jack Badges, Mohair Black Hood Pack With Hood Bag and Sidescreen Bag. Wing Beading Black, 20 Sec Hood, Leather Moto-Lita steering Wheel, Interior Chrome Mirror, Aero Racing Sports Manifold, Aero Racing Rear Complete Sports Exhaust with High Flow Catalytic Converter (Factory Fitted), Louvered Rear Back Panel.

Price included delivery from factory, PDI, first reg fee