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Microlino, what do you really need to know? Answer, space for two adults and three crates of beer!

Surely, that’s all you need to know but just incase you need any other reason to choose a Microlino then read on for some more of the unique factors which combine to make your next vehicle a Microlino.

What is it? The Microlino is not a car, it’s not a bike either, classified as a quadracycle the Microlino mixes the best of both worlds.

Microlino is fully electric, available in three battery sizes the range is from 34 miles up to 114 miles.

The most stand out feature is the large front opening door; this is not just a quirky feature. Take advantage of the size, able to fit in a parking space a third that of a regular car space by cross-parking, coupled with its small size and front opening door the Microlino can fit into small spaces and occupants can open the door directly to the footpath.

CHARGE! Plugged into a standard UK plug the Microlino is charged within 4 hours.

All Microlino feature and sunroof, perfect for enjoying the sunshine.

Enhance your Microlino with the Premium and Comfort Pack. The pack consists of the following:

  • Seat bench upholstered with vegan black Marino leather and microfibre suede
  • Side panels and dashboard covered in vegan microfibre suede
  • Steering wheel upholstered in vegan leather
  • Side pockets, bluetooth speaker and smartphone holder
  • White stitching on seat  and steering wheel
  • Micro logo stitched on headrests
  • Vegan leather door and passenger handle straps
  • Dual displays, speedometer and central touch display
  • Anodized black aluminium dashboard bar to attach accessories
  • Black needle felt floor mats in the interior and trunk area