Indian Vintage Dark Horse - Thunder Black Smoke

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Model: VINTAGE   


Engine size: 116 CU IN

Gearbox: 6 speed

Registration: un registered


Indian Vintage

With its roots firmly in the 1920’s the Indian vintage is a pure homage to the early days of Indian.

Dark by design, paired with modern technology and classic touches. With a streamlined stance, powerful V-twin engine, and sinister styling, it rides as powerfully as it looks.

The iconic Thunderstroke 116 delivers 168 Nm of torque for exceptional acceleration and power.

Brought forward into the modern motorcycle world the Vintage has now been improved to increase stability, handling, and performance.

The vintage will now share the frame design of the extremely successful touring models with a steeper rake angle for agility and tighter turn acracy.

Now you can choose between three ride modes — Tour, Standard, and Sport — for an experience that’s customized to your riding style.

Rear Cylinder Deactivation automatically shuts off the rear cylinder when the bike is stopped for more comfort in slow-moving traffic. Then when you hit the throttle, the rear cylinder seamlessly kicks back up to full power.  cruise control and keyless ignition.

The Indian Vintage will deliver ground-breaking cruiser technology and performance