Indian KH Super Hooligan - Custom Gloss Black

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Model: Indian Super Hooligan (The Real Deal)
Colour: Black Gloss Custom Painted
Engine size: 1133cc
Gearbox: 6 Speed
Registration: 01/09/2017
Mileage: 1700
Warranty: Krazyhorse Warranty

Some bikes stand out from the crowd. These are the special bikes which stay in your mind and you just can’t stop thinking about them. The Krazyhorse Super Hooligan is one of those bikes with it’s aggressive styling and looks to turn heads. You will always be asked questions about this Krazyhorse built beauty when you are out on the streets! Crafted in our Bury St Edmunds workshops and given a special one off paint job with loads of special KH accessories you can enjoy miles of stump pulling grin factor backed up the the special exhaust system which will announce your arrival in no uncertainterms!


Special features: Blacked Out Underslung Mirrors, Bar Levers and Speedo, Ohlins Fork Inserts, Ohlins Rear Shocks, Talon Hubs, Spoked Wheels, Krazyhorse Mid Mount Controls, 2 Into 1 Stainless Exhaust, Fork Brace, Number Board Headlamp, Radiator Cover, ‘Fatbar’ Handlebars, Mini Indicators, ‘Super Hooligan’ Seat Unit, Krazyhorse Dirt Track Race Tank, Race ECU and Air Filter, One Mature Owner.