Indian KH Super Hooligan - Custom Gloss Black

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Model: Indian Super Hooligan (The Real Deal)
Colour: Black Gloss Custom Painted
Engine size: 1133cc
Gearbox: 6 Speed
Registration: 01/09/2017
Mileage: 1700
Warranty: Krazyhorse Warranty

Special features: Blacked Out Underslung Mirrors, Bar Levers and Speedo, Ohlins Fork Inserts, Ohlins Rear Shocks, Talon Hubs, Spoked Wheels, Krazyhorse Mid Mount Controls, 2 Into 1 Stainless Exhaust, Fork Brace, Number Board Headlamp, Radiator Cover, ‘Fatbar’ Handlebars, Mini Indicators, ‘Super Hooligan’ Seat Unit, Krazyhorse Dirt Track Race Tank, Race ECU and Air Filter, One Mature Owner.