Indian Chieftain Dark horse - Thunder black smoke

Thunder Stroke® 111

Designed from the ground up, the Thunder Stroke® 111 1820cc is a powerful, award-winning engine with legendary 1940’s inspired features such as; Multi-directional finned valve covers, downward firing exhaust, parallel push-rod tubes and asymmetric fin styling.

Remote-Locking Hard Saddlebags

Your luggage is protected inside convenient, spacious, hard saddlebags with weatherproof seals. You can lock them remotely using the console-mounted button, or via the bike’s key fob.

Driving Lights

With LED front driving lights, the Indian Chieftain illuminates the road for safe riding, day or night.

ABS Brakes & Cruise Control

This advanced, automotive-quality braking lets you ride with confidence and helps you stop under control. Easy to set and adjust, the cruise control enhances your enjoyment during highway cruising.

150 Nm of Torque

The Thunder Stroke® 111 produces 150 Nm of torque with extraordinary power at low RPM enabling rapid acceleration with power to spare in every gear.

6-Speed Transmission

A 6-speed transmission comes as standard for more comfortable cruising.

Electric Windshield

Raise and lower the power-adjustable windscreen with the push of a button to alter airflow and protection.

High-Output Audio

The fairing houses an audio system that delivers clean, quality sound from dual high-output speakers. The aerodynamic fairing blocks wind to allow you to enjoy your highway playlist without interference.

Keyless Ignition

Enjoy convenient and secure keyless starting. With the Indian® Chieftain™ key fob in your pocket, climb on the bike, push a button and ride.

True Dual Exhausts

The engine produces a rich exhaust note from the true dual exhaust. The exhaust was acoustically engineered to eliminate high frequencies to give that deep Indian sound.

Progressive Styling

The first Indian Motorcycle of its kind, the Indian Chieftain maintains legendary Indian Chief styling while showcasing modern, advanced, features and premium comfort.