Fantic Caballero Scrambler 500 - Red - £800 of list price + 4 years warranty for limited period

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£800 of list price + 4 years warranty for limited period

Model: Caballero Scrambler 500
Colour: Red
Engine size: 449cc Euro 5
Gearbox: 6 Speed
Registration: New and Unregistered
Mileage: Delivery Mileage
Warranty: 24 Months Manufacturer’s Warranty

Introducing the brilliant Caballero Scrambler. Based around the powerful 449cc single-cylinder engine and weighing only 150kg the Scrambler is a proper all-rounder. The smooth 6-speed gearbox allows you to cruise comfortably on the roads but it's ultra-light and well equipped to be agile off-road. Updates include a more comfortable seat, new switchgear and an improved mudguard. Fantic have clearly paid lots of attention to detail with this bike. The LED headlight, CNC machined footpeg mounts, Arrow exhaust and rugged styling stand out whether you’re at the Capital House Krazy Horse showroom in London or here at Empire House in Suffolk.

Special features: 

LED headlight, Arrow exhausts, Digital speedo with fuel gauge, Folding mirrors, Carbon fiber exhaust heat shield, A2 Compliant