SOLD - EU4 Morgan 3 Wheeler - Squadron Blue

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First Registered            22/12/2021

Model                             EU4 Morgan 3 Wheeler

Exterior Colour              Squadron Blue 

Interior Colour             Yarwood Shell Leather

Mileage                         35

Engine S&S 1998cc V twin EU4

Gearbox Mazda 5 Speed

Max Power 59bhp at crank, 

Dry weight 525kg

The Morgan 3 Wheeler, first introduced in 2011 will finish production in summer 2021. The Morgan 3 Wheeler is a rebellion against sanitised, modern motoring, representing ‘no frills all thrills’ motoring with attitude and character. By modern day comparison, the Morgan 3 Wheeler would not be a first choice for long distance travel, yet it exudes a remarkable sense of adventure that compels owners to regularly embark on road trips across countries and even continents.

The Morgan 3 Wheeler is entrenched in British motoring heritage. Albert Ball VC was a highly commended and decorated English fighter pilot during the First World War. As an original Morgan Three Wheeler owner, Ball famously surmised that driving his Morgan was the closest experience to flying without leaving the ground.

Delivery milage only This is one of the last registered Morgan three wheelers, if not the last! EU4 specification with a certificate of conformity meaning it can be registered officially outside of the UK Fantastic colours, new condition and still has the remaining balance of the factory 30 month warranty.

Jaguar Squadron Blue,

Yarwood Shell leather,

Vertical pleated stitching,

Rear Mudguard,

Bluemel Brooklands Ivory Steering wheel

Vintage Bonnet Catches,

Silver Nose Cone,

Stainless polished Exhaust Heat Shields,

Stainless polished Roll Over Hoops,

Heritage front windscreen,