Energica Experia

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Satisfy your long distance wanderlust with the new purpose built no-emission green tourer that has been created from over a decade of racing, design and manufacturing in the field of electric technology.

With a newly-designed electric powertrain and battery. Optimized for long-range, two-up comfort with an aerodynamic sport-touring fairing, adjustable windscreens and ample hard luggage capacity, Experia fully delivers on what mileage-eaters demand.  The Experia motor and battery are both brand new. Battery capacity has increased, yet has a lower weight, plus a centralized, lower centre of gravity allows for better low-speed rideability.

Enjoying the largest battery capacity of any electric motorcycle at 22.5 kWh maximum (19.6 kWh nominal) – The new battery although larger in capacity has a lower overall weight and different mass distribution, making the Experia quite a pleasure to ride in mixed terrain.

Practicality is on hand to with voluminous hard side panniers and top case have a total capacity of 112 litres. There are two USB ports on the dash and two more in a waterproof storage compartment which is lockable and large enough to hold travelling charging cables, or a rainsuit or pair of gloves.  Also fitted with heated grips and a lightweight Ergal bolt and bar end kit.

Tech Summary

- NEW 22.5kwh battery (biggest in any current production bike)

- NEW PMASynRM Motor 110HP/115NM

- NEW TFT dash

- NEW Bosch cornering ABS

- NEW Steel trellis frame - Aluminium swingarm

- NEW ZF Sachs adjustable suspension

- 100 - 150 miles real world riding range

- 24kw DC fast charging

- 3kw AC home charging

- Brembo braking system all round

- 260 kg weight

- 0-60 3.5sec / 112mph top speed

- 2 year bike warranty / 3 year - 30k mile battery warranty

- 100'000 + miles till battery reaches 80% state of charge


Expected to arrive in Q4 of 2022 pre-orders now being taken