Energica Eva Ribelle

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Since the original racing concept project in 2010 created in Modena, the heartlands of Italian automotive excellence.  The eCRP 1.2 was designed from the ground up as a real electric racing motorcycle, specifically designed for 100% electrical power, and proved itself as european champions in the TTXGP in that same year.  After 2 years of racing, work was started on a production road bike. 

Over a decade of constant innovation later and we have the latest line up of these simply astonishing bikes for 2022. 

The Eva Ribelle is the worlds one and only zero emission hyper-naked motorcycle and is the stripped down version of the Energica EGO with the same powerplant, with the only key differences in the riding position and the top speed.  A true hyper naked with some aggressive urban mojo in an assertive riding position rather than a track day tuck. 

What we always get asked on our electric bikes is How fast? How far? How to charge? & how heavy? So to get the obvious specs out the way the answers for the Ego+ RS are.. 

Ballistically fast!!  Linear acceleration with 159 lb-ft of torque feels like bending time and pushing you towards the horizon so smoothly. 

Up to 261 miles, by far the farthest range of any electric motorcycle on the market. 

Using the supplied DC fast charge the battery will recharge at 400km/h 

260kg, not that you are planning on bench pressing it! 


The Energica Eva Ribelle is truly a hyper naked for the acceleration revolution! 

#staycharged for a better future ahead