2023 Indian Springfield Dark Horse - Quartz Grey

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Model: Springfield Dark Horse

Colour:  Quartz Grey

Engine size: 1890cc Thunder Stroke 116ci
Gearbox: 6 Speed
Registration: New and Unregistered
Mileage: Delivery Mileage
Warranty: 2 years warranty + 3 years extended limited warranty (engine, transmission, electronics)


Dark and menacing. Powered by the air-cooled Thunderstroke 116 engine, placed in a cast aluminium lightweight frame for effortless handling and comfort.

Inspired by the look of custom bikes, an open front fender exposes the 19" 10-spoke contrast-cut front wheel, with the iconic Indian Motorcycle headdress leading the way.

Slammed remote-locking hard saddlebags provide secure storage for weekend getaways and combined with mid-rise handlebars and rider foot boards create a menacing profile while allowing for an extremely comfortable and rewarding ride.

There are 3 ride modes to suit your riding style or changing conditions, Tour, Standard or Sport, working seamlessly with cruise control and ABS, as well as tyre pressure monitoring.

For additional comfort, the rear cylinder automatically shuts off when the bike is at a stop to keep the heat down.

Exacting attention to detail in paint with premium matte and gloss black finishes front-to-back make a bold statement and mean no compromises from a bike that makes its presence known even standing still.

Take it to the next level with genuine Indian Motorcycle and Krazy Horse accessories for a real head turning machine.