2023 Indian Challenger Limited - Black Metallic

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Model: Challenger Limited

Colour: Black Metallic
Engine size: 1768cc PowerPlus
Gearbox: 6 Speed
Registration: New and Unregistered
Mileage: Delivery Mileage
Warranty: 2 years warranty + 3 years extended limited warranty (engine, transmission, electronics)


A chassis mounted fairing for incredibly stable handling also provides class-leading wind protection. Inverted front suspension, lightweight cast-aluminium frame, and hydraulically adjustable Fox® rear shock deliver curve-hugging handling and unyielding stability.

122hp comes from a liquid cooled American V-twin PowerPlus engine and with power like this, the brakes need to be match. This is done with race-spec Brembo radially mounted brakes. Marry this to a lightweight cast aluminium frame and you’ve got a confidence instilling ride.

Three ride modes allow for flexibility when conditions change. Rain, Standard and Sport giving you complete control of power delivery. Smart Lean Technology™, keeps you confidently in command of the road with 6-axis Bosch IMU, Dynamic traction control, ABS with cornering control and Drag Torque Control.

Listen to 100 watts of crystal-clear audio through 6.5” speakers while a dynamic equaliser automatically adjusts for wind and road noise. Includes Apple carplay and a USB charging port.

Aggressive fairing design with full LED lighting and menacingly styled running lights provide a signature face that leads the way in both style and function. Chrome finishes and metallic paint options add to the premium design.