2022 Indian Challenger Dark Horse - Black Smoke

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Model: Challenger Dark Horse

Colour: Black Smoke
Engine size: 1768cc PowerPlus
Gearbox: 6 Speed
Registration: New and Unregistered
Mileage: Delivery Mileage
Warranty: 2 years warranty + 3 years extended limited warranty (engine, transmission, electronics)

Touring bikes have a new front runner, the Challenger. A complete assault on the senses, this bagger has a proven track record to deliver power and exhilaration. With the all new PowerPlus liquid cooled V-twin engine making a mind bending 178Nm of torque at just 3800RPM and 122hp gives you instant passing power in any gear.

Aggressive fairing design with full LED lighting and menacingly styled running lights provide a signature face that leads the way in both style and function. Fixed fairing and blacked out finishes and premium paint add to the mean look. The Challenger Dark Horse Smoke Black Cloaked in black from fender to fender, the Indian Challenger Dark Horse has a commanding presence.

Choose between three ride modes, Rain, Standard, and Sport, for an experience that's customised to your riding style. Rear Cylinder Deactivation automatically shuts off the rear cylinder when the bike is stopped for enhanced comfort in slow-moving traffic.

Smart lean technology with ABS Drag torque control and dynamic traction control are all there to keep that power in check. Crank up your playlist, tap your destination into the Ride command and make your own adventures.

Inverted front suspension, lightweight cast-aluminium frame, and hydraulically adjustable Fox rear shock deliver curve-hugging handling and unyielding stability.

Race-spec, radially mounted Brembo® brakes provide superior stopping power, and performance touring Metzeler® Cruisetec® tires offer supreme traction.

Go bigger with 6.5” speakers that deliver 100-watts of crystal-clear audio while a dynamic equaliser automatically adjusts for road, wind and engine noise so you never miss a beat.


Ride in comfort for longer with keyless ignition, remote-locking hard saddlebags, cruise control and USB charging port.

Special features: Apple car play, Cruise control, LED lighting, Electronically adjustable screen, Blacked out styling, Keyless ignition, Central locking, Brembo brakes, 3 Ride modes, 100 Watts speakers, 6 Axis IMU, Weatherproof Saddle bags (18 Gallons of storage), USD Forks, Adjustable air vents, Tyre Pressure sensors