2021 Indian Vintage Dark Horse - Thunder Black Smoke

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Model: Vintage Dark Horse

Colour: Thunder Black Smoke

Engine size: 1890cc Thunder Stroke 116ci
Gearbox: 6 Speed
Registration: New and Unregistered
Mileage: Delivery Mileage
Warranty: 2 years warranty + 3 years extended limited warranty (engine, transmission, electronics)

The Vintage dark horse is an imposing premium Tourer. It is the best of both worlds with nostalgic American styling and new tech including Rider modes, cruise control and rear cylinder de-activation, meaning there is no need to compromise here. The Thunder Stroke 116ci engine gives massive torque (168Nm) for impressive acceleration and overtaking whilst retaining the nostalgic big V-twin vibes. With the iconic “Dark by Design” look, if you cant get out for a ride you could always just stand back and admire it!

Special features: Rear Cylinder Deactivation, Rider modes, Cruise control, Keyless ignition, ABS, Genuine leather seat and (weatherproof) Panniers, Highway Bars

Price £21,399