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Carl Barton - Morgan Motor Company

Bob Haywood - Indian Scout

"I would like to thank the excellent professional service of all the staff at Krazy Horse. They are patient, helpful and friendly. I recommend using them should you wish to buy Indian motorcycles or other products.

Regarding Indian motorcycles:

I have been riding bikes since the age of 12, well OK, 16 on the road! That is now 56 years. I have ridden and owned most English, Italian and German bikes, new and old. I have ridden over most of Europe, SE Asia and the Americas. More recently I turned to Harley Davidsons, due to being an old geezer and being impressed by their reputation and image. They are decent bikes with character. However, in the last year or so, I have been hearing a lot about Indians. Now a proud owner of a Scout, I realise what I've been missing. This bike has all the character of a Harley, but adds the modernity of other makes. In other words, the best of 2 worlds. 

I can now think my way round corners, through heavy traffic and it's almost like the Scout knows what I'm thinking. It doesn't keep asking me questions like a Harley! One other nice bonus is that it's about 75 kgs lighter than my last Harley, so much easier to push around. Incidentally, I have had loads of compliments, far more than for the Harleys. Folks really like the look of the Scout. Just outside Krazy Horse today, a guy popped his head out the car window and said "I've fallen in love with your bike, I want one". 

Buy an Indian, you won't regret it."

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