Indian FTR 1000 - Carbon - PreLoved

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Model: FTR 1200
Colour: Carbon
Engine size: 1203
Gearbox: 6 Speed
Registration:  4th June 2019
Mileage: 1800 miles
Warranty: Enquire

The original FTR1200, with 19” Front and 18” Rear wheels in true flat track racer style. A punchy V Twin with 120 BHP and ready for any ride on any surface.

According to International Product Manager Ben Lindaman, the FTR 1200 engineering effort began in March 2016, hinting that it had to have been a twinkle in someone’s eye from almost the time the FTR750 was approved. But the Hooligan Scouts that Roland Sands had built in 2015 and the FTR750 certainly confirmed and reinforced that there was a lot of interest in such a machine. “We needed to make sure we delivered on the style of the FTR750,” Lindaman said. “We had a world-wide focus group—we got a lot of feedback that the styling was right.”

For power, the new engine was bored out 6mm compared to a Scout, bringing displacement to 1,203cc, and then thoroughly, conventionally hot-rodded. Valve sizes were increased, and compression bumped to 12.5:1, while cam timing is more aggressive. Throttle bores have been enlarged to 60mm. Peak power is claimed to be around 120 hp, and the torque curve shown at the press announcement is broad, with a slight double hump: an initial torque peak at a low 3,500 rpm, the slightest of valleys, and then a second peak at 6,000 rpm with 85 pound-feet. Transmitting this power is a new F.C.C. slipper clutch, with a dual-acting ramp system: It self-tightens during acceleration, slips on back-torque, allowing light springs.

Special features: Carbon Fibre Tank Panels, Carbon Fibre Seat Cowl and a Carbon Fibre Front Mudguard. Tail Tidy and Pro Taper Handlebars.