Arch KRGT-1 - Black

I'm Interested

Arch sets a new benchmark in performance cruisers. Started by Keanu Reeves and world-renowned custom bike builder Gard Hollinger Arch motorcycles are hand built in LA. Centred around the monster S & S high performance V-Twin engine providing unbelievable power and an epic soundtrack. The quality and attention to detail is unlike anything you have ever seen before; the two half fuel tanks are machined from solid pieces of aluminium, the wheels are carbon fibre, every component is perfect. This KRGT-1 is built to be ridden, its design is centred around how it makes you feel, and nothing else comes close.

Special features: Ohlins fully adjustable suspension, S & S T124 V-Twin engine, Lots of in-house CNC machined parts, Carbon fibre wheels, ISR 6 pot Monobloc front callipers, ABS, Arch exclusivity