2024 CCM Spitfire Tracker

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Model: 2024 CCM Spitfire Tracker
Various colour option available we suggest you click HERE to try the configurator Engine size: 600 with 65 BHP
Gearbox: 6 Speed
Registration: New and Unregistered
Mileage: Delivery Mileage

The Six stands in a genre of its own, refusing to conform to a specific category or style. It embodies individuality, independence, and uniqueness, attracting those who want to lead their own way and make a statement on the road. It's the bike that allows riders to showcase their true selves and stand out from the crowd.

The Six is not just about looks though; it offers an unrivalled riding experience that leaves a lasting impression. Its road-legal flat track tires provide exceptional grip, allowing riders to confidently tackle any road surface.

What sets the Six apart however is its fully customizable nature, offering riders the opportunity to create a truly personalized machine that reflects their unique style and personality. From colour combinations to additional accessories, the Six becomes an extension of its rider's individuality.

As you rev the engine and embark on a journey, the Six's exhaust amplifies its exhilarating sound, creating a symphony of power and aggression. Many riders hail it as the best sounding bike among all the CCM models, appealing to the senses and evoking a sense of adrenaline-fueled excitement.

With its distinctive look and unparalleled level of personalization, the Six has become synonymous with the Spitfire range. It's the sixth incarnation of the iconic Spitfire, carrying on the legacy and heritage of its predecessors while pushing the boundaries of style and performance.

For people who want something as unique and as independent as them – there’s no better bike than the Six.

Available in four models…

Core £12,495 – TIG welded steel trellis frame, single cylinder four stroke motor, Adjustable Marzocchi upside-down forks and black YSS rear shock, 19” Haan spoked wheels with Mitas flat-track tyres, Low-slung dual exhaust, Floating tractor style solo seat, J.Juan radial disc brakes, Mid-position foot pegs & controls.

Premium £14,265 – Standard plus – Leather Seat, Clatch master cylinder cover, Sprocket cover, Machined front brake, clutch & gear levers, Carbon chain guard, Carbon engine covers, Carbon rear brake master cylinder cover, Radiator guard with Union Flag, Monza fuel cap and Bar end mirrors.

Ultimate £15,615 – Premium Plus – Brembo twin disc brakes and Stage 1 performance engine map

Stealth £15,115 – Bronze Chrome powder coated frame kit, Deeply lustrous black fuel tank & Rear mudguard with bronze detail stripes, Matching carbon headlight cowl, Gloss black painted rear mudguard with bronze detail stripe, Avon Cobra black tyres, Black quilted micro suede seat with yellow stitching, Bronze anodized Marzocchi forks, Leather seat, Clutch master cylinder cover, Sprocket cover, Machined levers, Carbon chain guard, Rear brake master cylinder cover, Radiator guard with Union Flag, Monza fuel cap, Bar end mirrors, Brembo performance brake system and exhaust wrap as an optional extra.