I have worked for Krazy Horse for 9 years, and I was here the day our first Morgan 3-wheeler arrived, a day that was full of great excitement and anticipation and we were not to be disappointed. 

I have always had an admiration for these cars, however, through an idea for a blog and a chance bet with the boss I have fallen for them completely. 

This all started the day it was announced the Morgan Roadster was to be discontinued.

We were all quite enthusiastic about the fact we had already booked some of the final build slots for the Roadster, so I asked if I could have the opportunity to spec one and follow the process from start to finish for a blog post which would show our customers what an amazing journey purchasing a Morgan can be.

Paul and Dan agreed, and my journey started.

Making my decisions

So, on the 13th December 2019 the process started.

 Morgan choices  

First up was detailing all the individual elements of the car to decide on the specification.  I spent some time with Dan Whiting, our Morgan Motor Company salesman and worked through the specifications. We went through the body colour, amount of louvers, wheels, piping, interior leather, windscreen upstands and stitching, you name it and I could choose it! The process was simple making my mind up wasn't and trying to remember this won’t actually be my car! 

Here is the full spec of my choices…(Yes we have both given our cars a name)


The order was placed, and I was excited!

The bet!

On hearing about all the fun, I was having, Paul Beamish our boss, Krazy Horse founder and owner wanted in on the action. We joked about my choices and his feelings that my choices were a little safe (I don’t agree) so he decided we should make it into a bet on who’s will be the most popular and ultimately who’s would sell first. It was on!

Paul sat with Dan and went through all his choices ensuring he put his full personality and taste into the car, and I have to admit the car is amazing! 

Here is his full spec…



The road trip to Malvern 

In order to appreciate the full complexity and intricacy that goes into each Morgan build, Dan thought we should make two trips to the factory; one to do the full historian lead tour, and another so I could sign the chassis when it had reached that stage. 

I mean, how many people can say they own a car that they spec’d every aspect of and then signed it during build! (not me of course it isn’t my car…yet! Please Paul!) you certainly do create a little piece of history at every stage.

Trip one!

We were greeted by two very charming Morgan enthusiasts to sign in and then were driven to the factory in a golf buggy that looked like a Morgan…I was already fully engaged and excited.  

Morgan Buggy   

The Morgan tour is unlike other factory ‘experiences’, visitors to Morgan don’t peer through viewing galleries, walk through imitation production lines or be shown the outside of factory buildings. The Morgan guided tour is authentic and real.

We were joined by some existing Krazy Horse customers who had a fully polished 3-Wheeler in build and who were coming to sign the chassis. We asked questions, marvelled at the amazing feat of hand building a car and were completely charmed by the whole experience.

The tour covered the entire factory and we discussed every element of the build process taking in all the sight, smells and sounds whilst being guided by an experienced and knowledgeable tour guide. From frame building, engine drop, assemble areas, where they hand formed the metal to follow the curves of the body, paint shop, trim shop and completion area, it was all amazing! 

Morgan tour  Morgan tour

I was so taken aback by the tools they were using. There were tools which dated back 100 years and some which had been used from the very beginning. The craftsmanship which goes into these cars is certainly astonishing. One element that really captivated me was how they laminated the wood for the wheel arch, the jig used had been used for every car built in the 110-year history and it was still achieving the most amazing finish. 

 Morgan tour Morgan tour

These skills are a dying artform, and to know that these cars are British built, by hand, is priceless. It is history, it is heritage and it is mind blowing.

  Morgan tour Morgan Tour

Another wonderful aspect of Morgan are their traditional company values. The staff who worked there were engaged, happy and certainly loyal. One gentleman I met had been working there since 1978! As you can see from the image, he was still doing the same job and still enjoying it even though he could have retired. Another gentleman had worked there all his life and his father before him. 

 Morgan tour

There was still a bell to signify break time, lunch time, clean up time and home time. They shut down for two weeks to ensure all staff are fully rested. In today’s modern world it is so refreshing to know there are businesses out there who still genuinely care about their staff and I found it humbling.

We were at the factory for easily 5-6 hours and I enjoyed every second. I even bumped into Steve Morris who I have e-mailed numerous times over the years but had never met. He could not have been more hospitable and invited me to join the team in Geneva for the Launch of their new car! Excited does not come close! More to come on that next…

The launch of the Plus Four

As you can image to be invited to Geneva was an incredible honour. Paul had agreed and I had booked tickets for him, Dan and myself…then on the Friday before the press launch came the news COVID 19 had struck and Geneva 2020 was cancelled along with all our plans. We were so disappointed but even more disappointed that we were unable to see the long awaited Plus Four being launched until…

Saturday evening and Morgan announce that they are driving the car back from Geneva, filming the entire trip and hosting a launch event at the Morgan factory on the Monday evening! I mean what! How? How would that be possible with a brand new only just developed car. We all know these launches are normally prototypes but no, not Morgan Motor Company! This car was fully ready and covered the entire journey with no problems and arrived bang on time.

Plus Four launch  Plus Four Launch

The event was a huge success and please do watch the video of the journey from Geneva to Malvern, it is very funny. (click on the image)

 Plus Four Launch

Our second visit to the factory

Dan saw that my car was working its way through the build process and was ready for me to go and sign it!   

So off we went again on the 16th March. There was the car, sitting outside the paint shop ready for me to add my mark on this little part of history. To be able to see the car at this point of the build was such a privilege. We were informed that the other elements to the car, the wings etc. had just been finished in the paint shop so we were able explored and find each section.

 Shadow edition Shadow EditionShadow edition Shadow edition Shadow edition

Again, the staff, the process and the welcome was as I had come to expect, warm and efficient and I left with an indescribable feeling of excitement that the car was nearly ready.


The Bet continued

When we got back to Krazy Horse there was the usual banter from Paul that his car was going to be better than mine and in fact his was before mine in the build process, we had seen it and it looked amazing, but I didn’t tell him that of course.


We had planned to reveal these two cars at the same time and run an online vote on our social media pages, but his car arrived and the COVID 19 lockdown meant the Morgan Factory and our showroom closed…I had to wait again!


They have arrived!

Finally, we now have both cars in the showroom and viewable online. We are both very pleased with our choices (I do like Paul’s extra louvers) but are waiting to see what you all think and ultimately which one sells first and wins the bet!  Although we haven't actually decided what the winner gets, maybe it could be a pay rise for me…someone buy my car and we will see ;) 

Click on the images to see all the details of each car.

 The Shadow edition  The last tango


The experience

Overall without being too soppy and romantic about Morgan’s (which I could be!) the whole experience has been utterly amazing. I have grown to realise that when you by a Morgan, old or new, you enter into to a community and buy your own little piece of history. I know when Paul finally gives me that pay rise and I have saved up I will buy myself one ;)

Head to our Current Car List to see what we have available or give Dan a call on 01284 749645 to come and discuss a build slot for your piece of history, I promise you will not be disappointed!

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