MV Agusta have updated two of their most popular models. They have made improvements to the engine, chassis and electrics to achieve top performance. 

A dual seat with a new improved-comfort design and a simple, lightweight sub-frame represent the latest technical innovations, for an even better riding experience. Not to mention a design that has always refused to compromise.

Engine: These have been updated to Euro 5. The 800cc triple in the Brutale and Dragster are quite unusual, both in its displacement and also because of its counter rotating crank.

Paired with these engine updates are a new clutch as well as changes to the quickshifter and gearbox to smooth out the shifting.   As per the previ
ous models, MV are offering the Smart Clutch System (SCS) in both models as an option.

Chassis: The Frame has been updated with new side plates to improve the stiffness, their is a new linkage for the rear suspension.  The shock has been upgraded to get the most from it, while the front suspension has been tuned to match the upgraded rear.

Electrics: The electric have had a huge upgrade too.  They now come with the lean-sensitive traction control, cornering ABS, launc
h control and front lift control as standard!  And you can now link the dash board to your smart phone through the MV Ride App.

Now we have run through the major changes lets look at the bikes! Click on the clink for the details: 


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