Can living the dream be a reality?

Ok so here goes, stick with me!

Over the years this is what I have known of MV Agusta. Flashes of the bikes in movies and in private collections, along with honouring heroes of racing like Agostini and Senna. Always imagining they were an untouchable race bike. Clearly for the hands of premium, prestigious and insane enthusiasts of the Italian marque.

My earliest experience with Mv Agusta would have been the historic racing heritage, that as a child I would have been aware, of with Giacomo Agostini, Mike Hailwood, Phil Read, and John Surtees.

Well, that’s all I have to say about the GP and racing as I later discovered sports bikes were not my thing.

So why am I writing this??

In 2009 whilst my return to riding started to grow, I saw for the first time the naked Bruatle 990R. At that time, I had re discovered my desire to ride two wheels with the new line of Harley sportster the Iron 883. This model and brand said all I wanted to say about my lifestyle and the bike I wanted to ride and be seen riding at that era. Although the MV Agusta left a lasting imprint on me.

The 990R just blew me away raw, power, loud and of course Italian. My youth was spent dreaming of Americana and the elegance of Italy, polar opposites but still dominant in a youth’s vision of where I wanted to be and who I wanted to be. Both, everything, glamorous about style culture and rebellious romance. Everyone around the 990R was curious, what a brute, how do you live with such a dramatic bike, does it work?

History proves, yes, the early MV Agusta were dramatic, but ownership was a specialised conquest.

So again why am I writing this??

Fast Forward to 2015, MV Agusta dramatic return to the UK with a stand at the NEC Birmingham. What a return, along with the updated 800 triples, the famous F4 and F3 there it was a shimmering radiant light!!  The MV Agusta Brutale Dragster RR

This bike just exploded with style, nothing like it as a naked sports bike every struck me like this did. Pearlescent paint, anodised wheels, single sided swing arm, all the angles that shot out like shards of glass, and 3 exhausts. What was there not to like.

MV Agusta had entered the market with an assault on the naked and super sport scene with growth and an attitude that set the world alight.

Still a niche brand, still very limited and with a reputation that needed to be brought into the millennia. After a few years of watching and being involved in the re-emergence of this precious Italian motorcycle manufacturer I pulled the trigger.


My experience riding the MV Agusta has been short, but I know with the availability to understand these motorcycles through Krazy Horse I was hooked.

I have been an owner of the MV Agusta 800 Bruatle Dragster RR for a few years and although I have tried to remain impartial it is impossible. This bike is a true Jekyll and Hyde. Only turning into the untamed Hyde when you ask it too.

So why am I writing this ?

The questions I had in 2009 and earlier all started to fall away

This example of Italian design, R&D headed by Brian Gillen and raw new aggression, hungry for the blood of its competition in its sector had seduced me. With new owners, now complete control, in the hands of Timur Sardarov, taking the helm and continuing to transform the historic Motorcycle manufacturer heritage into the new world of technology and digital playground.

I realised the Brutale had been tamed. All the excitement is still there with 148 hp, ride modes, high level of traction control and an 800 triple now refined to be one of the most engineered triples in the world. Although with the refined 3 cylinder I could ride this motorcycle and control this motorcycle in and around London, finally an urban street fighter with all the exclusivity of Maserati and the thrill seekers drug of choice on the A roads.

My Means to own such an exotic bike was only due to the New Mv Agusta line up becoming more recognised by motor Finance, and insurance brokers.

I was now the proud owner of a top of the range MV Agusta for £160.00 PCM on PCP finance. MV Agusta has recognised and tapped into the psyche of a modern rider with high expectations. A wide range of models now available from a little over £12,000 to well wherever the journey takes you.

Yes, it is affordable!

Yes, it is reliable!

Yes, it is still exotic, luxurious, elegant, elusive…and it is mine!

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