We like everyone else have missed attending the many events we had planned this year so when the chaps at Malle Mile told us it was still on we were thrilled!  We sent Charlie along on our Indian KH Hooligan to have some fun which he certainly did that!  

Paul Welch from Krazy Horse London is a regular at Malle Mile and went along too.  Here is his rundown of how he found this amazing event...

"Well for everyone, 2020 has been a most challenging year, Motorcycling and its eccentric personalities involved have been starved of the one thing we all crave, events and gatherings.

The Guys and Girls behind the Malle Mile, so established and respected in providing such a glorious event for us and our inappropriate machines, set about organising the 2020 event only to have the Persian rug swept from under their feet.

Organisers Jonny and Rob behind the white overall clad team , were not to be defeated and with that most British of “stiff upper lip” promised us the event in the late summer 2020.

The weekend of 21st,22nd,23rd August the Malle Mile delivered what they promised.

A well-timed weekend of racing and carnage, including- sprints, hill-climbs , the Malle mile 100 TT race & a little moto polo to top it off spread over three full days.

Sponsors had been brave and supportive in a display of brands including Royal Enfield, Herald motorcycle, Harley Davidson, Zero Motorcycles and CCM.

The Custom motorcycle exhibition drew in the crowds along with the Art of Machine exhibit and a perfect mix of artisan food and refreshments. With a little touch of a festival vibe with dj’s and music to allow us to let off a little steam into the early hours. All of which we have come to expect and love about the Malle Mile..

The Midnight mile electric race is now a firm fixture, sponsored by the Electric motorcycle company and entertaining us with the speed of the gods, neon and smoke extravaganza to seduce us into the sustainable work of electric motorcycling. How the racers maintain stability in the dust and dirt with berms and ditches – in the dark - up the steep gradient hill was beyond us all. Also unexpectedly kept us all from the beer tent.

The highlight of the whole weekend must have been, and I think all will agree was


From the legendary, and now permanent fixture, masters of ceremony, Ben bowers, Anthony Partridge & the infamous @iusedtobesomeone 

The constant inuendoes, dad jokes and mayhem were worthy of their own late night show. Brutal at times although all in good spirit and high jinks “just don’t lose or crash you’ll be crucified by the hosts “

A debutant for Malle mile was Charlie from the Krazy Horse team at Bury St Edmunds, making the journey down to make his mark in the dirt…… Make his mark he did. Astride the KH Race Hooligan that has seen many an outing at El Rollo wheels & waves, Dirt Quake & Hells race as well as several DTRA rounds. This machine ripped up the lush lawn at the beautiful Kevington Hall with ease and relish. Charlie saw in the practice lap with the rest of the misfits and then it was time to race.  Heat one, done… two, three four, five, then on to quarter finals. And only then just tipped at post by the competition. Charlie set the tone for the public to see our race to road Street Hooligan concept that is now available to buy at any of our Krazy Horse stores. 

Therefore if you are looking for an adrenalin rush, spectator sport, or even blood sport the Malle Mile is for you.

With cries of “are you not entertained” the gladiators took to the coliseum of Kevington hall London and competed in battle for, no one to actually win anything.

That is the spirit of the Malle mile. We all win by taking part.

Let’s hope we can all respect the new way of doing things, stay safe, resect any guidelines in place and continue to support these ambassadors of motorcycling, The Malle Mile."

Images provided by Paul Welch @paulwelch and Ivo Ivanov @imagefactorystudio



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