Krazy Horse (KH) have been running a Hooligan Series flat-track race team for Indian Motorcycles in the UK. We have used our experience to develop a comprehensive kit that converts your Indian Scout or Scout Sixty into a Street Hooligan.

The kit consists of:

Hooligan flat-track 2 into 1 exhaust system (including fitting kit)
Power-vision ECU (engine control unit) recalibration download
Mid control foot pegs (including link rod and mounting kit)
19” Front wheel/tyre assembly (Talon billet hubs with Morad rims/ road-rated)
19” Rear wheel/tyre assembly (Talon billet hubs with Morad rims/ road-rated)
KH flat-track seat relocation subframe
Rear lamp and indicator assembly (plug and play)
KH flat-track seat pad
KH flat-track seat base
Front fork brace



Let’s get serious

Enhance your Street Hooligan experience with our range of upgrades that are sold separately.

Number board style projector headlamp unit and indicator assembly (plug and play)
Chain drive and sprocket conversion
Ohlins front suspension cartridge upgrade
Ohlins ‘Piggyback’ rear suspension upgrade
Adverse-condition, high-performance air filter kit
KH flat-track handlebar riser kit
Flat-track handlebars (various styles)
KH flat-track cut away pulley
KH thermostat housing cover
KH radiator protective cover
KH ridin’ sideways front yokes
Race No. boards and clamp kit

Going racing?

We have also developed the KH Race Hooligan collection for people who want to join us and go Hooligan racing. These components are for off road only and use an Indian Scout or Scout Sixty as the base vehicle.

Suspension jack-up kit (modification to frame required)
KH flat-track race seat relocation subframe
KH flat-track race seat pad
KH flat-track race seat base
ABS deactivation kit (includes rear brake hose and fittings)
Rider-attached engine kill switch and lanyard
Flat-track clutch perch and cable kit

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